Singer-songwriter’s musical challenge for school pupils

LUGGING an accordion found ‘lying around’ the house, five-year-old Max Restaino settled under the family table one Christmas day and began tickling the keys.

Thirteen years and one rather bold move from his mother later, the singer-songwriter who hails from Sheffield has released his first EP touted by the BBC as a ‘fantastic piece of music’ and recorded with the likes of Gary Barlow, Donny Osmond and Geri Halliwell.

“A lot of my family is from Italy so there was always an accordion lying around the house,” he says before bursting out laughing. “I was about five. I started to play the accordion in my dad’s Italian restaurant around that time. He didn’t even know I was there. I just entertained the customers.”

The accordion well and truly mastered, the autodidact set his sights on the saxophone – he was tutored by a former AC/DC base player who happened to live down the road in Sheffield at the time – the piano, guitar and harmonica…

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