Past Shots Part Seven

PastShots Part 7 is Max, captured live at the Sheffield Tramlines festival.

“The first day of the EKSA Tour as part of the Sheffield Tramlines festival 2014”

Past Shots Part Six

This week we have a rare still form the as-yet unreleased ‘Get Your Number’ video.

“This is a photo taken on my video Shoot, ‘Get Your Number’ It hasn’t been released online yet.”

I’m getting a new look for 2015. They say I should learn the blues.

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Past Shots Part Five

This week’s Past Shots; Max and a fan at a show in Killamarsh, Sheffield.

“This was sent to me by someone who joked that I was being swamped by groupies. The lady was a lovely audience member at a gig I did with the EKSA in Killamarsh, Sheffield.”